LaForge Encore Theatre Company
'07 - Nunsense, Season 2

LaForge Encore Theatre Company formed in 2007.  But long before we became LETC we worked together on the Tooele High School Drama Department's productions.  Along with Carol LaForge, many people put in decades of service on the high school's plays.  The long time contributors are Pamela Giles with choreography, Leslie Taylor and Colette Williams for voice and music, Sam Cox with costumes and Bill Poulson with special effects.

In 2006 we all got together and decided we should take a shot at community theatre.  Our first community theatre production was Nunsense.  This production was a fundraiser event to help raise the money to provide new seating for the Tooele High School Auditorium.

The show was such a great success that we ran a reprise during the summer of 2007.  The pictures below are of our 2007 production of Nunsense.  It was upon the completion of this show that Carol decided to formalize our community theatre activities into a bona fide company...and thus LaForge Encore Theatre Company was born!